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This is the history for the old MadPack Client and Host programs (left for posterity). To view the version history of
iFIler 3 - MadPack Edition click on the Help menu in Ifiler 3 and select Version History.
To CLIENT ver 1.4.9 & HOST ver 1.3.8

The CLIENT has again gone through several changes - both major and minor. The biggest modification has been the ability to know the maps and vehicles that the Host is using and display for you the files that you are missing. The second change was to go the next step and download and install those missing files in the same way the CLIENT was able to do with the MadPack maps - automatically!!! A new type of MadPack map was added - the OnRoad Reverse! A minor addition was the ability to tell the you if you are exceeding the idf limit. There is now a simple method to change back to the Forward standard maps and TRM1 as well as your initial 'pack' of maps and vehicles - while in the game select hit enter only.

The HOST has also had a few major updates. The first is tied to the CLIENT and is the reporting method by which the CLIENT can determine the maps and vehicles the Host is using. The second major change was to incorporate the MadPack File Check into the HOST program. There is no longer a seperate File Check program. To check for missing files simply run the MadPack HOST and select #5 while in the MadPack Options Portal. The File Check also has the ability to check for the files you are missing from any stored HOST game. This can be used to help you to download at your liesure any of the files that a HOST has that the CLIENT was unable to automatically download and install. The HOST has the ability to tell you if you are under or over the idf limit. This is handy when setting up a game 'pack'.


The CLIENT has gone through many updates both large and small. I have not kept track of all of the updates as I did with the Updater because the CLIENT became a self updating program and many of the updates were very minor. There have been many revisions that have added functionality and streamlined the programing. There has also been new content add since the first version 1.1.9 became available! The biggest changes have been: added OnRoad Maps, made the self updater more friendly and less prone to issues, added the ability to show multiple games at the same time and choose between them, sorted the available games placing the most recently hosted game on top of the list and the granddaddy change was to give the CLIENT the ability to download any missing MadPack maps or files that you might be missing and install them all completly automatically!

The HOST was made available much later but has gone through changes similar to the CLIENT. It is also self-updating so keeping track of the changes for each incrimental update has been difficult. Some have been fixes and others have just made it better or added features. The biggest update for the HOST was the addition of a new front end: the MadPack Portal. This is the part of the program that made the old Updater obsolete as the HOST can now perform all the functions as the Updater including launching the CLIENT and the MapChecker, and an un-install for the complete MadPack package.

Version 3.0 - another major change! Mirror and Reverse/Mirror maps are now available!!! Plus all programs have been rewritten! Also now available is the Client Ver 1.1.9!!!

Version 2.8 - has a major UI appearance change and fixed the back to start bug that caused a “not all required files exist” errors.

Version 2.7 - added the option to run the "MadPack Map Checker" directly from the "MadPack Updater". Note that option numbers have changed.

Version 2.6 - is NOT compatible with previous versions. All MadPack files are now contained within the Insane\MadPack folder! This was done to make the install easier and cleaner. Reverse Maps (or backup forward maps) now reside in Insane\MadPack\Maps, cleaning unused maps out of Insane\Data\Maps. The data and text files for each random generator are now contained in Insane\MadPack\Data.

Version 2.5.1 - changed the wording for a couple of the options to make them a more understandable.

Version 2.5 - contains a few UI tweaks and should be the final version of the “MadPack Reverse Map & Random Mod Updater”.

Version 2.4 - adds checking for all reverse and forward maps every time! This prevents accidentally changing between the original maps and our reverse maps if you are missing one or more of the required maps.

Version 2.3.5 - some clean up of the program and tweaks of the UI.

Version 2.3 - all MadPack files must now be extracted into the Codemasters\Insane\MadPack directory keeping the program components more organized. Reverse maps must still be extracted into Codemasters\Insane\Data\Maps.

Version 2.2.5 - changes the order of the options putting delete at # 6!

Version 2.2 - allows switching between random generators without needing all 3. (i.e., Switch between original and TRM1 without having FARM.)

Version 2.1 - adds changing between 3 random generators: FARM, TRM1 and the original random map generators!

Version 2.0 - the Updater is now the “MadPack Reverse Map & Random Mod Updater”. We have added the ability to quickly change to FatAlfie's F.A.R.M project and back to TRM1. Updater must now be placed in Codemasters\Insane directory to function properly.

Version 1.1 - fixes the delete function and adds some UI tweaks. This is the final version of the Reverse Map Updater.

Version 1.0 - this command line program was developed to make switching between the standard maps and our reverse maps a simple process.

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