Original-TRM1-FARM Randoms: (click and roll to see a list of the random mod required maps)

  Both random mods use some new add-on maps. Like all add-on maps these maps must be located in your Insane\Data\Maps folder. Run the “MadPack File Checker” to see which maps you may be missing. Scroll down to view a list of the new maps needed by each random mod.

  Insane’s random maps are created using only the data.idf file. The text.idf files allow you to play each random mod’s “standard” maps in single player mode. Use of the text.idf files has been included in this updater and is required.

  The MadPack contains the original data.idf and text.idf only. They are saved in the Insane\MadPack\Data folder and in the correct format which is shown below. To use the ‘Random Mod Updater’ function you will need each random mod’s data.idf and text.idf copied into the Insane\MadPack\Data folder. You will then need to rename each file as shown below in order for the “MadPack Updater” to recognize them.

    Original (included) TRM1  FARM

  data.orig data.TRM1 data.FARM

  text.orig text.TRM1 text.FARM

  -If you do not have TRM1 installed we suggest installing it prior to installing the “MadPack”. You can locate TRM1 at Run the TRM1 installer. You can then run the MadPack Setup.cmd again to allow it to automatically copy the data.idf and text.idf into the correct location and in the above format. Or you can perform this manually by copying the TRM1 data.idf and the text.idf files into the Insane\MadPack\Data folder and then renaming the files as shown above. The “Map Checker” can then be run to check to see whether you have the TRM1 required maps in the Insane\Data\Maps folder. Once you have these files in their correct locations you will be able to switch between the original and TRM1 random maps!

  -If you do not have Fat Alfie’s FARM project and his 10 world maps you will not be able to select the FARM random option. Look for his Farm Project and maps at Once you have obtained FARM be sure to copy the data.idf and text.idf files into the Insane\MadPack\Data folder and rename in the format above. Place his 10 world maps into your Insane\Data\Maps folder. You can run the MadPack File Checker at any time to see if you are missing any maps.

These are the maps required by the random mods:

  Austria (austri.idf) Argentina (argntna.idf)
  Austria (austria.idf) (this is a different map from TRM1)
  Highland (highlnd.idf) Kalahari (kalahar.idf)
  Kenya (kenya.idf)
  Kilauea (kilauea.idf)
  Moab (moab.idf)
  Norway (norway.idf)
  Scotland (sctlnd.idf)
  Sweden (sweden.idf)
  Tunisia (tunisia.idf) (this is still a beta map)

Fix the new shortcut: (Click and roll to see full instructions)

  -New: You will find it necessary to update the target location on the new shortcut that the "MadPack Installer" created for you only if you have installed Insane in a location other than the default of C:\Codemasters\Insane.

  - Locate the shortcut on your desktop - Right click and select "Properties"

  - Click the "Find Target" button - you can allow Windows to locate the file for you or you can navigate to where you installed the MadPack and locate the “MadPack-Random-Updater 2.7.cmd”. Select this file and click OK and click Apply. Your shortcut should now be pointing to the correct location and you will be able to launch the "MadPack Updater" directly from your desktop.
Create a desktop shortcut:

Read these instructions if you need to manually create a custom desktop shortcut to the “MadPack Updater”.

 -Locate the “MadPack-Random Updater 2.7.cmd” in your Codemasters\Insane\MadPack Folder.

  - Right click on it and select Send To> Desktop (create shortcut).

  - To add our MadPack icon to the shortcut - right click the desktop shortcut you just created

  - Select Properties. On the “Shortcut” tab

  - Click the “Change Icon” button.

  - Click “OK” when the window pops open telling you to choose an icon.

  - Click the “Browse” button and direct it to the Codemasters\Insane\MadPack folder.

  - Select the “Insane[MP].ico” and click “Open”. - Click “OK”. - Click “Apply”.

  - Right click on the desktop shortcut and select “Rename” to change the name to “MadPack Updater”.

Now you have a distinctive shortcut right on your desktop to a very simple interface allowing you to switch between our reverse maps and the original maps as well as 3 different random map generators!! Simply double click this shortcut any time you want a change and select the type of maps you want to race on!

What could be easier? In this way you can easily please the crowd who do not like to see people going the wrong way around the map and yet have some fun with those who enjoy the challenge or those who also have the reverse maps. You can, also, now enjoy Fat Alfie’s FARM randoms or go for a spin on the original random maps then easily switch back to the more common TRM1 random maps!!!

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